8th Grade Supplies List

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Charles Caragianes, Principal
 Purnima Vadhera, Assistant Principal

June 2014 

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We welcome you and your child to the 8th you to receive a list of materials and other necessary information in preparation for the upcoming school year.
In an effort to help your child’s organizational skills, we have created the following list of what they will need for school

♦ 21⁄2 inch 3-ring binder 
♦ Package of graph paper 
♦ Set of tabs
♦ Scientific Calculator with a two line display 
♦ Two pocket folder

♦ 1 Writer's Notebook--ideally a Mead Composition Book, 7 1/2" x 9" or a journal of similar size
♦ Three subject notebook
♦ Two pocket folder 

♦ 1 inch 3-ring binder 
♦ Three subject notebook
♦ Set of tabs

♦ Three subject notebook 
♦ Two pocket folder

♦ Three subject notebook
♦ Two pocket folder 

♦ Three subject notebook
♦ Two pocket folder 

Also bring:
♦ Lots of pencils (or pens if you prefer)!!
♦ Erasers
♦ A three-ring pencil pouch to hold pens, pencils, erasers, etc.
♦ Highlighter
♦ Ruler (metric and customary)
♦ IPAD Folio (You may find it easier for some assignments if you buy a folio with a keyboard.)

The following supplies should be available at HOME:
• Markers/colored pencils
• Construction paper
• Glue 
• Tape

It would also be greatly appreciated if each student would bring in a box of tissues for their first period class. 

Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy the summer!

The 8th grade teachers.