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Core Values & Beliefs

Maynard High School Core Values and Beliefs

Maynard High School is a community of adult and student learners who believe that 
students learn best in a safe environment where there is mutual respect between faculty, 
students, administrators, and community members. We further believe that students 
need to be provided with the opportunity and means to become effective communicators 
and to attain competency in content areas through curricula and instruction that offer 
opportunities to reflect, refine, and develop real world 21st  century skills. We believe
collaboration with parents and the community best supports the academic and
growth of our students as they become active members of society. 

Expectations for Student Learning 

Academic Competencies

• Communicate academically, professionally and effectively through writing and 
through speech.
• Demonstrate problem-solving skills, apply knowledge, think critically and creatively
• Read for understanding in order to synthesize information and develop a coherent 
• Access, utilize, and gain proficiency in evolving technologies to enhance learning 
and understanding

Social Competencies

• Work effectively with others by listening, communicating, and collaborating while
demonstrating respect, tolerance and acceptance of different perspectives
• Act as independently functioning adults by learning to self-advocate, to 
demonstrate self-respect, and to make positive decisions 

Civic Competencies
• Become informed and active citizens