Exchange Opportunity
Exchange Opportunity
Kevin Caruso
Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Dear Maynard Families: 

IES Ítaca, Maynard High School’s sister school in Tomares, Spain (just outside Seville) would like to expand the relationship we have.  We are in our second year of a short exchange between the two schools and they have been very successful in increasing international understanding, promoting language acquisition, and creating friendships.

IES Ítaca has at least one student who would like to study at MHS during the fall of the 2019-2020 school year.  They would like to reciprocate and are inviting MHS students to study in their school. Presumably, the MHS student(s) who host their student(s) would be the one(s) who participate in the exchange in Spain.  This keeps costs down because

1)   There is no “middle man” agency charging to organize this

2)   Families would host and provide meals for the exchange student at no cost to the

family sending the student since it would be reciprocated

3)   At this point we are anticipating that there would be no cost to attend their school

(Just travel expenses and spending money)

Initial qualifications for students to participate in this longer exchange include:

1. being mature enough to be away from family for an extended period of time

2. being committed to learning Spanish

3. take classes at IES Ítaca (we’d work on finding what classes would be comparable to

courses the student would be taking at MHS)

4.  willing to host a Spanish student for 2-3 months and including them in activities in

which he/she normally participates

The student from Spain would arrive towards the beginning of our school year.  The MHS student could go when it is the best time for him/her and the school in Spain.

Interested students/parents should contact Mrs. Adams by email at