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A Great First Full Week of School!

posted Sep 13, 2013, 11:00 AM by Chuck Caragianes

Good afternoon everyone--

Our first full five day week is coming to a close and it has been an eventful week indeed.

From a logistical point of view, as of  this past Tuesday lockers have been issued to all grades, iPads are out to all students, and our two lunches have been equalized and are running smoothly.  Traffic congestion in the morning and afternoon has been reduced though not eliminated.  Greatly improved traffic flow is built into the plans for the new school upon completion of all landscaping and paving.

If you've been by the school at all I'm sure you have seen how rapidly the old building has been demolished and the incredible rate at which the debris is being taken away.  In approximately one week the entire structure with the exception of the slab foundation will be gone.  Removal of the foundation will then commence and take about 1 additional week.  This of course clears the way for final landscaping, and final paving.  When complete we will have a circular traffic pattern, we will have 210 parking spots (almost double the old building), and there will be a newly seeded sports field.  As an FYI, the field will not be ready for use until the summer of 2015 as this is the recommended time frame for newly seeded fields to fully establish the turf in sports applications.  On the interior, the new auditorium has seen work pick up rapidly and we continue to look at October 14th as the completion date.  Seat installation has begun and the first group of custom wall panels arrived earlier today for installation.  We remain on time and on budget for total project completion on December 1st.

A grand opening and open houses will be occurring in early December upon total project completion.  Dates and times will be prominently advertised and distributed as soon as final details are confirmed.

Sports have begun and the football team will have its first home game tonight.  Home coming weekend September 27th & 28th is also fast approaching.  Stay tuned for more details from the Athletic Director Kevin Caruso and our Boosters group.


Picture Day

Parents - It is that time of year again when we will be holding our annual Picture Day at Maynard High School. This photograph has many useful applications for our school, as well as your personal portraits and memories. Prestige Portraits - a division of LifetouchStudios has mailed to each underclassmen parent a white envelope with the words, "Important School Picture Day Information Enclosed"in blue on the outside of the envelope. This envelope has enclosed your ordering materials for those of you who wish to purchase. If you did not receive this envelope or misplaced it, we have extra forms in the Main Office. If you have any questions, regarding your order, please call Prestige Portraits at 800-426-9533 ext 117

First PTO Meeting of the Year

All parents are invited to join us the first PTO meeting of the year on September 19th at 7:00 pm in the MHS library.  Mr. Caragianes will be joining us to discuss updates at the school and information on the Principal’s Council.  We look forward to seeing many of you there.


A Major Change in Policy Regarding Food Celebrations During School Hours

(Administrative Policy of the Maynard Public Schools)


From:  Superintendent Gerardi

Issued on September 10, 2013

RE: Administrative Regulation #530.1 Wellness


This week I met with the school Nurses about food allergies. Attached you will find a

list of the number of Maynard students with documented food allergies. The total

number of students’ district wide is 244. This represents approximately 16 % of our

total student population. They also identified for me that nation wide, 25% of the times

that the use of an EpiPen is required; it is for undocumented anaphylaxis allergic

reactions. In fact in Maynard, last year we had the first case of an undiagnosed

anaphylaxis allergic reaction.


On the last page of Administrative Regulation #530.1 Wellness it describes the

appropriate uses of food in celebrations. The Nurses feel strongly that in light of the

new data that we have, this policy needs to be tightened up. As a result, I have asked

Kevin Caruso to be the new Wellness Committee Chairperson and he will review this

document with a representative committee. That committee will make recommendations

to me for future revisions.


However, due to data we have received on the serious nature of allergic reactions

resulting in anaphylaxis, I am sending this immediate amendment to this document that

will revise the celebrations section of this document as follows:


Celebrations: Due to the increase in medical conditions with diagnoses to food intake

and the increase in the variety of foods with the potential for an allergic response,

student celebrations that occur during the school day will no longer include any foods

or food products. Student birthday celebrations, holiday celebrations, and end-of-the-year

celebrations will no longer include food. The district will disseminate a list of

alternative recommendations to parents and teachers.


For all other school related events (i.e. after school community events, Fund raisers,

and faculty events) the emphasis should be on foods from the four food groups

(proteins, breads/cereals, fruit/vegetables, and dairy products). An emphasis should be

considered on increasing the servings of complex carbohydrates, low fat choices of

protein foods and controlling the amount of fat (especially saturated fat), sugars, salt,

and other non nutritious foods and beverages.

Please note the following key points in the Superintendent's directive:  1. No food celebrations at all are permitted during the school day.  2. Provisions have been made for after school activities for all constituencies using the building.

I ask you not to put any of our teachers or administrators in the position of having to say no to something like "Birthday Cupcakes" sent in from home.  The health and safety of our students comes first and trumps even the best intentioned food celebrations.

Youth Football and Cheerleading

As this week heads to a close I'd like to thank you all for your continued kindness, caring and patience as we get the New Maynard High School running up to full speed.

I'll be in the press box tonight at Alumni Field announcing the MHS/Bromfield football game, our first home game of the year, including introductions for all of our youth players and youth cheerleaders.  This is always a fun night.

Hope to see you there & take care--

Chuck Caragianes

Principal of Maynard High School