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An Amazing Week at Maynard High School, Notes, and a Look Ahead

posted Dec 20, 2013, 6:52 AM by Chuck Caragianes
The Telethon is a Huge Success!

The WAVM/Beacon Villager Telethon wrapped up last Sunday afternoon having raised $32,600 for local charities.  After several declines over the last few years, no doubt due to a difficult economy, this represented a major increase in donations reversing that trend.  In the 32 years of Telethons WAVM has now raised $949,000.  I say next year we make the push to reach One Million!!  We can do it and all the money raised benefits those in need right in our  community.

Not your typical Wednesday evening in Maynard!

At one end of our building the boys basketball team under Coach Howes was running through its final practice prior to its home opener Thursday  night against Gardner--the game that would open our fantastic new gymnasium for competition. 

In the center of the building WAVM students were broadcasting live from our new state of the art radio studio while below them the Maynard Community Band was warming up and preparing for the evenings winter concert in our cafeteria.

Meanwhile in our gorgeous and acoustically stellar theater the MHS Winter Concert was getting under way to a full house.  Our MHS Chorus, Jazz Band, Wind Ensemble,  A Cappella singers, 8th/9th Grade Chorus, MHS Concert Band, Maynard Community Band and special guests, parents and alumni all gathered together for a first ever concert extravaganza.  It was an amazing evening of entertainment, community spirit and pride.

I know that even with nearly double the parking capacity compared to our old building we were jam packed as a campus.  It was clear that we had more people, approximately 600, in our building at 7:30 pm than we have ever had before day or night and it is a testament to the people of Maynard and the designers that our campus is capable of handling so many different types of activities simultaneously and well.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Wednesday night's practice led to  Thursday night victories for our boys basketball teams as the Junior Varsity won the 5:30pm game and the varsity followed up with a 51-40 victory over Gardner  last night.  Congratulations to both squads.  We are undefeated in our new gym!

Back to School Day!

Maintaining a long tradition, 11 Maynard High School graduates are returning today(Friday) to meet with juniors and seniors to discuss the transition from high school to college or work.  Many thanks to our graduates and to the guidance department for organizing this worthwhile event.


As we approach our Winter Break this Friday a Few Notes

We have an early release day this Friday with students being dismissed at 10:55am.  The break will run from then until we return in the new year on Monday January 6th.

Over the break our sports teams will be playing both home and away and I urge you to go to our athletics website to check on dates and times--remember some may change depending on the winter weather.

Speaking of weather, we have had an inordinate amount of snow for so early in the season.  Our custodians have been shoveling, snow blowing, chipping, sweeping salting and sanding furiously.

With our most recent snow storm this past Tuesday hitting and revving up rapidly very near dismissal time, we were faced with getting our campus shut down as rapidly as possible to get students and staff on the road and home before major traffic delays and deteriorating road conditions became the norm.  We did get students to buses early to get them home on time given the weather conditions, road conditions, and forecast.  The same buses that drop off our high school students then return for Fowler dismissal and we could not afford to have them running behind schedule in such foul conditions.  In the future each step of the dismissal process will be communicated via email to keep you abreast of the latest details.  Hopefully we do not face such close weather calls with any regularity.

Looking ahead the 2nd quarter will close, and we will reach the halfway point of the year, on January 24th.  Exams for grades 9-12 will occur the week of January 13-17 with early release days for grade 9-12 students on January 14, 15 & 16.  8th grade students will have full days throughout the week and will follow their normal schedules.

To reiterate for our 9th grade parents who are experiencing the high school calendar for the first time, there will be early release days on January 14, 15 & 16 for your students during midterm exams.

As the first semester ends we will be rapidly swinging into planning for next year.  Our learning curve has been steep with the transition to a new building, addition of a new grade, roll out of iPads to all students all of this happening within a building and campus that was undergoing the finishing phases of a multi-step construction project.

This year we received nearly 25 more students than originally projected, and our projections  for next year (in light of what we have learned) will be growing again.  This building can easily carry increasing student population for years to come, but it will certainly require planning.

For example, in response to our growing student population we already know we will be having 3 lunch periods next year as we begin to construct our new schedule.  An additional bank of lockers has already been installed this year, and two more banks are planned and will be complete within a few months.  These relatively modest changes in our lunch schedule and lockers will allow us to logistically handle over 500 students compared to our current 435.  As a result the physical plant will be ready and stable for several years to come.

Likewise planning is already advancing related to staffing needs and programmatic improvements and adjustments.  This is an ongoing process every year, and our goal is continuous improvement at all times.

In closing, I'd like to thank you for the privilege of working with the students of Maynard High School.  I look forward to continuing to do so into the new year and beyond.   I wish you a peaceful winter break, and a joyous and prosperous New Year.

Chuck Caragianes

Principal of Maynard High School