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A Pause to Reflect During a Busy Time of Year

posted May 22, 2015, 9:19 AM by Chuck Caragianes

Good afternoon—

It’s a rare day indeed when a record that has stood for 38 years is broken.  Sophomore Mike Ford has set a new Maynard High School record in the high jump with a leap of an astonishing 6’3” at a meet this past week.  The record has stood since it was set by Steve Cziria at 6’2” in 1977.  Congratulations to Mike!

For Graduating Seniors

As a reminder, senior final exams are from May 22nd-29th.   The Senior Trip is May 29th and the Senior Cruise June 3rd.  Our Senior Awards night will be held Thursday June 4th starting at 7:00pm in our gymnasium, and our annual Senior Luncheon sponsored by the PTO will be June 5th at noon.  All of these activities culminate in our graduation exercises that will be held on Saturday June 6th at 4:00pm at Alumni Field (or in the gymnasium at the high school depending on weather).

Events, Events, Events!!!

Dave Herlihy Memorial Benefit Concert May 22nd (Tonight) at 7:00pm. 

Solo & Ensemble Concert May 27th at 7:00pm.

Spring Sports Awards June 1st at 5:00pm.

“Up Day” for 7th graders (Almost 8th graders) June 5th at MHS.

Underclassmen Awards June 11th at 12:15pm in the MHS Auditorium.

Underclassmen Exams & Assessments June 15-June 19 (See additional note below).

Schedule for the Final Week of School

From June 15th to June 19th we will be having year end exams in grades 9-12 and final activities and assessments for our 8th graders.  During that week there will be a full day on Monday June 15th followed by early release days for exams and assessments Tuesday through Friday.

Students in grades 9, 10 & 11 will have 1 exam during the final 2 periods of the day on Monday and then 2 exams per day Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.  Make-up exams for excused absences will be given Friday.  Students in 8th grade will continue their work in core subject areas through the week while following the same dismissal schedule as students in grades 9-11, namely a full day on Monday June 15th followed by early release days Tuesday through Friday.

The PTO/Boosters

The PTO/Boosters will be selling seat cushions at the Senior Awards Night on June 4th at 7:00pm for anyone interested in purchasing them for Graduation.  The seats are $25 each. These are great for using on the hard, wooden bleachers when you’re all dressed up for graduation!

Host Families Sought!

Educatius International is looking for host families for the coming school year.  We hosted 14 students this year with great success.  We had students from Norway, Brazil, Spain, Germany and China.  Some students were here for the whole school year and some for just one semester.  All students speak English fairly well, have good grades and excellent recommendations. Families are paid $700 per month, tax free, toward the student's room and board.  If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity please contact MaryEllen McCarthy

Warm Weather and Our Dress Code

Warm weather means everyone is breaking out their summer attire.  Sometimes this can be problematic.  The School Dress Code is contained in our student handbook and is very much in line with communities across Massachusetts for both male and female students.  Dress code enforcement is a task that detracts from time on learning for students and eats into staff time needlessly.  Please spend just a bit of time at home talking to your children to help us ensure that the dress code is being followed by your students here at MHS.

School Policies Regarding Absences and Tardiness

We have 4 weeks of school remaining this school year (1 week for seniors) and we do not want to see any of our students losing credit due to violations of the attendance policy.  June 19th is the last day for students in grades 8-11 and May 29th is the last day for seniors.  The key elements of the policy to keep in mind are that a student may fail courses if they have more than 7 unexcused absences in a semester, 3 times tardy is viewed as the equivalent of an absence, and that a parents note or call does not excuse an absence or tardy to school—only approved documentation such as a medical note excuses an absence.  The policy explicitly states that family vacations are not excused absences.  (The full policy including what constitutes excused absences can be found on pages 35-37 of this year’s edition of the student handbook.)

Some students are getting close to the edge of the attendance policy this semester—none of us at MHS want to see them go over.  Simply put, please help ensure that your student is getting to school each and every day and that they are on time (dropped off by 7:40—7:30 is better).

Enjoy the long holiday weekend including thoughtful and thankful remembrance for those who came before us.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to seeing you at one of our many upcoming events—

Chuck Caragianes

Principal of Maynard High School