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Maynard High School Students are Leading the Way

posted Feb 11, 2018, 10:37 AM by Chuck Caragianes

Good afternoon,

Students at Maynard High School are once again working to contribute to the strength and well being of the greater Maynard community.

To this end, the Maynard High School National Honor Society is organizing a food drive to support Maynard’s Food Pantry. The Food Pantry is an organization that benefits are families in the Maynard and surrounding communities. During the month of February, any person attending a Maynard home basketball game that brings in a donation will receive $1 off the entry fee for games.   Further details are below.

The most needed donations are:  hearty soups (ie. Progresso/ Campbell's),  jello, instant pudding  and canned beef stew and chili.

On another topic, cellphones are a conundrum within the school setting.  The vast majority of students have one in their possession at this point in time, parents want the security of knowing they can communicate with their children, and yet they are easily abused and can be major distractions within school for some students.


A few things to bear in mind regarding cell phones:  Please do not be texting, calling or otherwise communicating with your student via cellphone during the school day.  If there is an emergency, contact the main office and we will locate your student and provide them a private and safe environment to take the call.  Also, if your child contacts you via phone refrain from joining the conversation or responding.  If they are sick, they should go to the school nurse who will contact you, for example.  They should not be attempting to negotiate a dismissal from school with you directly.


And just a bit more regarding cell phones. The Assistant Dean in charge of Health Services at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, Paulette Renault-Caragianes (full disclosure--my wife), sent along the following communication to me and several other area educators two days ago:


“I just heard a story on the radio about how to manage the addictive nature of smartphones.  The suggestion in this story was to go from full color to grayscale to avoid the siren song of full color.  Knowing how our students struggle with being so attached to their phones, I thought I’d pass it onto you…as well as for anyone who like me wishes I wasn’t so attached to mine!

I went to find out how to do it and I also found literature indicating that it can be an adaptation for folks who are color blind as well.”


Here are the instructions for an IPhone

And for Androids:

Below are some additional items of note and upcoming events:

Influenza Update (from the Health Services Department)

According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Weekly Influenza Update for

January 26, 2018, influenza-like illness (ILI *) activity is increasing, consistent with other parts of the United States.

*ILI is defined as a fever above 100.0 in addition to either cough or sore throat.

To keep influenza-like activity from spreading in the school community it is important to keep your sick child at home when he or she has symptoms of the flu. Please use the link below to access a form to determine whether your child should attend school and when they can return:

Lastly, please remember to call your school’s absentee line everyday that you keep your child home. Try to be as specific with his or her illness as possible, i.e. “home sick with fever of ___ and cough” or “home with an ear infection”, “strep infection”, “pneumonia” or “home for a fever-free day”. This will help the school nurses identify clusters of illness and prompt preventative measures.

For more information about flu prevention, please review these previously shared documents:


Please click on the following link/Fact Sheet pertaining to influenza.

National Honor Society Food Drive

Our NHS President, Olivia Palmer, wants you to know that you can help with a food drive that the NHS will be holding for the month of February. Their goal is to have a successful food drive that involves the entire community and helps bring awareness to the needs of the Maynard Food Pantry. They will be collecting the following items:

-Hearty Soups (like Progresso, Campbell's, etc) typically 18-19 oz cans

-Jello and instant pudding mixes

-canned beef stew, chili

-Chef Boyardee items (ravioli, spaghetti and meatballs, etc.)

Please help our NHS students with this critically needed drive to benefit many within our community.

A Unique Casting Call for Students:

As part of the Leading the Nation celebration, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education is working with several vocational technical high schools to produce television and radio spots. The student producers are looking for other students to be in the pieces, and the producers are holding a casting call on Saturday, February 17 at Nashoba Valley Technical High School in Westford. Please share this opportunity with students who might be interested.

The Little Mermaid Maynard High School Musical is Coming!


● Saturday, March 17th 7PM * OPENING NIGHT

● Sunday, March 18th 2PM

● Friday, March 23rd 7PM

● Saturday, March 24th 7PM

● Sunday, March 25th 2PM * FINAL SHOW


Advanced Ticket Sales to Families of Cast and Crew:

● Wednesday , February 14th MHS Ticket Booth Hours 5-7PM

● Thursday , February 15th MHS Ticket Booth Hours 5-7PM

● Friday, February 16th MHS Ticket Booth Hours 5-7PM

● Saturday, February 24th MHS Ticket Booth Hours 10AM-12PM

Online Ticket Sales open Friday, February 16th at 12:00 AM (Closed at 6pm the night prior to next date’s show)

General ticket sales begin online 2/16/2018 at Midnight and Saturday February 24th February 19th -23rd

Ticket Booth will be closed for winter break.

News From The Maynard Music Association

We hope to see Fowler and MHS music parents at our March 7th meeting held in the Fowler School library - 6:30 Fowler, 7:15 Fowler/MHS, 8-9 MHS planning. There's much to plan for this spring & for 2018-2019!

Looking ahead, we need Fowler parents to be readers for the MHS Music scholarships, we need MHS music parents to help plan the music banquet, and we need you to mark your calendars for our annual Jazz Cafe (Fowler Stage Band and MHS Jazz Band event) held on Friday, March 30th at 7 pm. Details will be posted in March.

Most of all, we need YOU! Thanks in advance for learning more about what support for music education looks like in Maynard by attending our monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of each month Fowler School library - 6:30 Fowler, 7:15 Fowler/MHS, 8-9 MHS planning.

Next up: The Calendar


  • MHS Scholarship Committee - Fowler parents needed

  • MHS Music Banquet Committee -MHS parents 9-11 needed

  • 3/1-3 MHS All-State Conference

  • 3/30 Jazz Cafe (Fowler Stage Band & MHS Jazz Band


  • 4/28Junior Districts Festival for Fowler band and choral students

  • MHS Scholarship Committee meets

  • MHS Senior Scholarships due from Seniors

  • MHS Music Banquet Committee meets


  • 5/16 Spring Concerts for MHS

  • 5/23 MHS Ensembles

  • TBD MHS Great East Festival,

  • 5/28 MHS Memorial Day Parade AND MHS Music Banquet

  • 5/30 Fowler Bands & Stage Band


  • 6/1 Fowler Band to Great East Festival

  • 6/6 4th Grade concert

  • 6/8 MHS Graduation

Questions?? -

FB: Maynard Music Association


Renee Lilley: Chair Fowler

Bill Freeman: Treasurer Fowler

Marc Cryan:  Secretary Fowler

Bonnie Wilson: Chair MHS

Stephanie Gavin: Treasurer MHS

Annemarie Caloggero: Secretary MHS

Kurt Severance:  Webmaster

Like us on Facebook:  Maynard Music Association

Have a great weekend,

Chuck Caragianes, M.Ed.

Principal of Maynard High School