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Much Ado About Some Things

posted Dec 3, 2012, 1:30 PM by Chuck Caragianes
Welcome to the first week of December!

First, a major shout out:  Senior Ash Asencios has received his acceptance letter to Princeton along with an offer of a full four year scholarship.  Ash stands to remain a high flying Tiger that we hear about for years to come, only now he will be a Princeton Tiger.  Congratulations Ash!

Winter sports are underway and academically we are now firmly into the second marking quarter of the year.

This coming Thursday December 6th we are having a parent-teacher afternoon from 2:20 to 3:30pm.  This is designed for people who could not make our parent-teacher night on November 14th.  Please contact Pam Carter in the guidance office at 978-897-8891 to book appointments with teachers by 2:05 on December 4th.  As always, an appointment to meet with teachers can be booked at any time of the year through guidance.

Last Wednesday we held our Fall Sports Awards Night which was a major success with well over 400 people attending including student-athletes from both the Fowler Middle School and Maynard High School, our coaches, staff members, parents and guardians, friends and supporters.  This evening could not possibly have come off without the organization and financial support of our BOOSTERS group.  I cannot possibly thank them enough.

Our Football Coach Harold Ogilvie asked that I send his thanks along to the community and I am happy to do so.

His note follows:

As a second year Varsity Football Coach for the Maynard-Bromfield Tigers, I would like to pass along a note of thanks to many people and organizations throughout Maynard. This season has had many ups and downs, but the common theme was hard work done by both the players and coaches. It was a very enjoyable season and I am looking forward to many more in Maynard.

I would like to personally thank the Maynard Lodge of Elks and Mary’s Catering for putting on a team dinner the night before Thanksgiving. They donated the use of the Hall as well as all of the food. This was a great way for the team to be together for a last team meal and for some returning players and coaches to come and speak to the team. The players and coaches had a great time and enjoyed themselves as they got ready to do battle with Clinton. I would also like to thank Mike Albanese and Ed Mullin for coming to talk to the boys. They took time out of their day to come and give the boys encouragement.  This meant a lot to the players and coaches.

Another group who I would like to thank, are the trainers who helped the football team throughout the season. They were Wally Latta, Mark Latta, Gerry Byrne, Lisa McNiff, and Sean Kiley. They were a very dedicated group and we could have not had done what we do without their help. They are at every practice and game, no matter what the weather and work had each day.

I would also like to thank the Friends of Tiger Football. This is a dedicated group who handles all of the fundraising efforts and team dinners throughout the regular season. The group consists of Sue Peterson, Yvonne Cormier, Betsy Burr, Barry and Debby McNulty. This group met for long hours during the offseason to help run a golf tournament which was a huge success. They also arranged for the Maynard Rod and Gun Club to host all of our dinners and keep a tradition alive.

Last and certainly not least, I would like to thank the administration of the Maynard Public Schools. From Dr. Gerardi, our Superintendent, Mr. Caragianes, High School Principal, Ms. Vadhera HS Vice Principal, and our Athletic Director, Kevin Caruso. Thank you for being a huge support to the program and all of the athletic programs. It is very comforting to know that we have such a great supporting team. It makes coaching that much easier and enjoyable. I look forward to working with this group for many years to come.

In Closing, running a football team is not an easy thing to do. All of the groups I mentioned made it very enjoyable and successful. I look forward to many years of working together and bring many successes to the youth of Maynard who play for the football team.


Harold R Ogilvie, Head Coach Maynard-Bromfield Tigers

Thank you Coach Ogilvie, for all of your work this season.

In school news, Assistant Principal Purnima Vadhera has been working to expand educational opportunities for Maynard High School students to study abroad.  Information follows:


We still have spaces left for the 2013 program!

THE PROGRAM is highly experiential. During the London Cultural Connections course we cover theatre, literature, history, art, architecture, social and political mores - from Henry VIII to the present day.

In theatre, we study and act out the Shakespeare play before we see it at the Globe Theatre; after watching Regeneration, we see War Horse in the West End, discuss World War I, visit the Imperial War Museum, and read War Poetry. We also see a couple of other shows with British connections - including The 39 Steps, with four actors playing one hundred and sixteen roles, most of them played by two men!
We explore the Romantics and travel to read Wordsworth at Tintern Abbey, in Wales, followed by a trip down a Welsh coal mine to experience the Industrial Revolution. We visit The Victoria and Albert Museum, John Soane's House, The Tate Modern and The National Gallery and Portrait Gallery.

You will see from our website that we experience most of the important London attractions that have literary and historical input for our curriculum. These are all connected to seminars and discussions. Related DVD's are a daily feast. We go shopping!

THE VENUE We are based in a hotel near Kew Gardens

The students often travel to London together, are met at the airport, and are supervised 24/7, so, for parents who might be anxious, it is a safe environment. We are in daily contact with home through e-mail and phone if needed. Regular e-mails are sent with updates of our activities.

DATES Saturday July 6-20, 2013

• students who are hungry for an experiential two weeks making British connections   these help with high school courses in literature, history, social studies and art
• students who do not have summer plans yet
• students who want to add to the resume for college applications with rich experience and strong recommendations from us

Below is the link to the London Cultural Connections website. This will be our nineteenth year! Please let me know if you can think of anyone who might want to participate in this inspiring program. It looks great on future applications and we can also give a strong letter of recommendation on completion of the course.

ON-LINE APPLICATION FORM See website for fees and other details, please see the following website:

or contact Assistant Principal Mrs. Vadhera at for additional details or Ms. Ros Thomas-Clark 617-512-0052

Thank you for your hard work on this, Mrs. Vadhera.  On a related note, Maynard High is looking for host families to house foreign exchange students who will attend Maynard High School.  This program could begin as early as this year through the auspices of the Educatious International group.  Please contact Mrs. Vadhera if you are interested in hosting a foreign exchange student or for more information.

After you are done considering these travel & hosting possibilities, you can check out TIGER TIMES NEWSLETTER at to find out even more about the goings on at maynard High School.  Ms. Dowd's team of crack reporters is out gathering the news each month and is creating a first rate electronic magazine all about Maynard High School.  Be sure to check out the Tiger Times.

Meanwhile at this time of year holiday shopping is on many people's agenda.  You can purchase Tiger Gear through the school website.  Our school economics class has created this online store bringing a wide array of goods with an MHS twist to you.  Proceeds benefit the high school and you'll be amazed at the variety and quality.  Check it out!  The direct link is http://goo.g/m5tkq   Thank you to Mrs. LaBelle for leading this initiative.

If you'd like some quiet time to do some bricks and mortar store shopping the high school is also sponsoring childcare this Saturday at MHS for $20.00 for 5 hours.  Contact Ms. Muise in guidance, or Ms. Gallant or Ms. Lerner through email to find out more.

In other community news, The Final MAPC Visioning Session on the future of the Maynard Golf Course will be happening December 5th from 7:00 to 9:00pm in the Fowler School library.  All our welcome to explore and share their ideas around the possibilities for this unique parcel of open space.

This is a busy time of year and there is much going on.

I'll be sending along updates as the weeks unfold before winter vacation.

Take care!
Chuck Caragianes