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Our Students Are Phenomenal!

posted Apr 29, 2016, 12:13 PM by Chuck Caragianes

Good afternoon--

As we enter the final two months of the school year it is important that our students finish the academic year well during the 4th and final marking quarter.  Maintenance of excellent attendance including on time arrival is critical to student success.  If your student comes home and says something like, “Tomorrow is skip day.” or “Everyone’s taking tomorrow off.” don’t buy it and don’t play into it.  We’ll all be working hard right until the end of the school year on June 22nd.

This past week several of our seniors have helped facilitate meetings and fund raising activities related to the work they have done for their capstone projects as part of our Senior Project classes.  The quality of their work has been outstanding and has ranged from political forums on the workings of the electoral college, to panel discussions on the media and its role in our political discourse as a society to awareness of helper animals for those with a variety of physical and emotional needs.  Take a moment to speak with your children about the senior projects that are ongoing at Maynard High School.  The topics and quality of the work may well amaze you.

Over April vacation a group of students and chaperons visited Cuba and trip leader, Spanish Teacher Jennifer Adams sent the following note along.  I’d like to share it with you:

Dear parents,

I want you to know what amazing kids you have.  It was my pleasure to take them on this trip and to see them try new things, learn new words, interact with new people, have conversations in Spanish (even with each other!), appreciate a different culture, get out on the dance floor, play baseball, be kind and responsible,.....  

It's hard to know how this trip has affected each of them or how their perspective on things may have changed, but I'm hopeful they feel more confident speaking Spanish as a result of using it in another country, have a better understanding of the Cuban culture, history, & economy,  have learned to be a little more flexible when traveling, and can even pack lightly.  I saw kids taking care of each other, translating for each other, playing games with each other (no smart phones was great!), and being respectful of differences.

Mrs. Finnegan, Ms. Rabinovich & I absolutely loved being their chaperones.  We were so proud to have each of these kids on our trip representing Maynard and the US.

We were fortunate to have Mrs. Santillo and Mr. Kuhn on the trip as well.  Each of them added a lot to the trip and were another adult the kids could talk to.  The trip wouldn't have been the same without Mrs. Santillo's art expertise & Mr. Kuhn's laugh, among other qualities!  

We are planning to get together and have invited the group from Belchertown who traveled with us.  The group of students from Chicago has promised to try to skype in  for it, so you'll get to meet some of our new friends.  We tentatively set it for the night of May 20 but after we each check our school calendars I'll be in touch about the official date & time.  

Thank you for helping your kids with this opportunity.  (Kids - thank your parents if you haven't already done so.)  I would honestly take them all on another trip, as soon as I rest up from this one.  

The plan for pictures is to create a Google doc so we can share them all, but here is one of our yesterday morning in Cuba, as we were getting ready to board the bus from our hotel.  When you look at your kids' tired faces today, you can be assured they were this happy when they were in Cuba.  

Gracias a todos mis muy buenos viajeros.


Upcoming Activities and Events:


All of our spring sports teams are now well into their competitive schedules and home and away games are happening almost daily.  Please check out our sports schedule at:

Maynard Rod and Gun Club Children’s Trout Derby

The Maynard Rod and Gun Club will host its annual Children’s Trout Derby on Saturday April 30 and Sunday MAy 1 from 7:00am-4:00pm.  Entry fees are:  children under 7:  free, children 8-12:  $7.00, children 13-18 and adults:  $10.00.  Re-entry is allowed.  Great prizes each day.  Breakfast and lunch available.  Bait and tackle available.  Free fly fishing clinic Saturday 11:00am-3:00pm.  Call the club at 978-897-9873 or Kirk Teska at (781) 890-5678 for further details.

An open house will also be held.  The Maynard Rod and Gun Club, Inc., Old Mill Road, Maynard, Massachusetts.  Overnight camping available.


Bus registration for the 2016-2017 school year will begin on May 9, 2016.  Registration will take place at the administrative offices located at 3-R Tiger Drive.  Registration Forms will be available on our website and all school offices starting on May 6.  No forms will be accepted before May 9.  There is no fee increase this year.  $270.00 for the 1st student; $220 for the 2nd or more.

Note:  If you have a student entering 7th grade  at a distance of 2 miles or more, you must now pay the fee.

Food Services

The following letter from Food Services regarding accounts as the year approaches its end follows:


3R Tiger Drive • Maynard, Massachusetts 01754 • 978-897-2222 •

April 25, 2016

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Beginning in May 2016 it is necessary for the Food Service Department to begin to close the books on our year. This involves collecting payment for all outstanding cafeteria charges. Unpaid charges at the end of the year are a financial strain on Maynard Public School’s food service department.

If you are receiving this email, even if you qualify for free or reduced lunch, your child(ren) owe money to their School’s Cafeteria.

You will receive a separate email from our Food Service program which will include the amount owed.  Please be sure to add additional money to cover future lunch purchases.

·  Graduating Seniors must pay any outstanding balance in full by their last day of school, June 3rd; this is a Senior Obligation that must be done before Seniors can receive their cap and gown.

·  All other students must pay their balance in full by the last day of school, June 21st.

·  Any student leaving Maynard Public Schools, who has a positive balance, may send a written request for a refund or for the balance to be transferred to a siblings account.

Starting on Wednesday, May 4th the Food Service Program will be changing their “Meal Charge” policy.  The cafeteria cash registers will be programmed to prevent further charges if a student owes money on their account or if the purchase will cause them to owe money.  Weekly emails have gone out all year alerting families of negative or low balances.  If your student has a negative account balance regardless of free or reduced lunch status, the student will no longer be provided all the lunch options available. Instead they will be provided and charged for the alternative lunch option consisting of: Cheese Sandwich, Vegetable, fruit and milk.  All negative balances must be paid by the end of this school year.  

If your student owes a high balance, we would like the opportunity to work with you to find a solution to this bill which is now due.

Please contact Chris Piercey (978-897-6100, to arrange a payment agreement, or to discuss how we can help in this matter.

Thank you.

Chris Piercey

Maynard Public Schools Food Services Manager

(978) 897 6100

Thank you for reading this week’s News & Notes and have a wonderful weekend—

Chuck Caragianes

Principal of Maynard High School