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posted Mar 24, 2017, 11:12 AM by Chuck Caragianes

Good afternoon,

Congratulations to our 2017 State Champions!

This past Saturday night in Springfield our Boys Basketball Team, led by Coach Paul Howes and Assistant Coaches Jim Stewart and Nick Pileeki, brought home a State Title with a 62-42 victory over defending 2016 State Champion St. Mary’s.  This is a truly rare feat with this being only the second time in school history, and the first time since the Boys Track Team in 1971,  that a Maynard High School sports team has won a State Title.

The final act of our highly successful winter sports season unfolded this past Wednesday night with our awards and recognition ceremony.  Along with Girls and Boys basketball, co-op students in hockey and gymnastics were also recognized.  The Maynard Boosters & Mr. Caruso always organize a wonderful ceremony.  Beyond the wins and losses and beyond whether state titles are won or lost are the life lessons extracurricular activities, including sports, give our students.

Some of these lessons include accepting coaching and constructive criticism, working to push the boundaries of what can be accomplished, taking on leadership roles, working productively and selflessly within a team, organizing and prioritizing personal time while leading a busy life, and maintaining strong academic achievement as a student.  Wins and titles are great, but hearing Mr. Caruso read the names of so many athletes who achieved High Academic Honors, the Honor Roll and Honorable Mention was a real highlight of the evening for myself and many in the room.

With spring arriving this week our final sports season has begun.  If you have a student interested in participating in a spring sport who has not yet signed up please contact our Athletic Director Kevin Caruso right away.  He can be reached at:

Within Maynard High School this week our students have also been engaged in a variety of activities around International Week with a focus on cultures, languages and customs from around the world.  Thursday evening our World Language teachers, Jen Adams, James Tredeau, Johnna Little and Kelly Carver, helped organize an international dinner night with scores of their students preparing foods representative of 19 countries from around the world.  I was fortunate to be present as approximately 300 people from the community including family members, friends, fellow students, teachers and staff members gathered for a warm gathering, great food and a good time.

And the great things at MHS just keep coming.  This coming weekend of March 24th, 25th & 26th features our annual school play.  This year’s fantastic production is Peter and the Starcatcher.  80 Maynard High School students have been working under the direction of Mrs. Blanchard to bring you a first rate production with a performances Friday & Saturday nights at 7:00pm and a Sunday afternoon matinee at 2:00pm to close the run.  More details on this dynamic production including Box Office Hours are below.

And now more MHS News from Mr. Ogden’s Radio & Television Production Class

ON THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: True story:  so I had a former host of MHN News approach me—let’s call her Caitlin F….no...that’s too obvious...let’s call her C. Fields—and she had some advice for how to get more viewers.  She said, “Mr. Ogden, every time you send out a description of the news, you include too many details, and so people don’t actually watch what’s on the news, they just read your description and think they know everything that is going on.  If you made your descriptions shorter, maybe more people would watch the news.”  So let’s do a test, with limited description, to see if we can we get more views than previous episodes.  All new Hype City, Teacher Spotlight Ms. Carver, Girl’s & Boy’s Basketball Highlights, & More! Share this with those you know.

AS ALWAYS: Thank you to our Hosts: Jordan C., Emma R., Emma S., Megan L., Adin R., and of course Sam D.  

WAVM/MHN NEWS TECHNICAL STAFF: Directors: Nicole J., Eugene O.(news), Tommy S. (photo of the week), Siobhan P. (Hype City)  Line Producer: Eugene O.  Technical Director: Nick R.  Photo Managers: Nicole J., Megan L.  Producer: Sam D.  Graphics: Juliano C., Brandon G., Eric R., Sam D.  Field Correspondents: Georgia L., Isabella A.  Segment Producers: Olivia M., Jordan T., Adam B.,Marriana P.  Special Thank You To: Mr. Caragianes, Mr. Caruso, Ms. Carver, Ms. Leblanc, Ms. Adams, & Mr. Minasian, for providing news and support.



Adam Berry (MA State Champion Video!)

You may find the following information and description of upcoming events of use and interest in the days ahead:

Peter and the Starcatcher

Maynard High School presents "Peter and the Starcatcher"

The classic tale of Peter Pan gets a new backstory in this whimsical play presented by Maynard High School. Find out how Peter becomes the boy who never grows up in this story of pirates, mermaids, and magical starstuff.

This action-packed play features a boy who meets a mysterious girl on a ship and how they team up to protect treasure from falling into evil hands. They and their friends and foes engage in comical antics, swordfights and island escapades. This is a tale of the Neverland you never knew.

Seats are still available for all performances: Friday, March 24 and Saturday, March 25 at 7 pm and Sunday, March 26 at 2 pm. Tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for seniors/students and can be purchased online at until 6 pm the day before each performance, or at the MHS ticket booth, which will be open 2 hours before each show. Visit for more details.


Friday March 24 – Sunday March 26

(We accept cash and checks only.  No credit cards.)

Friday, March 24:  5-7 pm

Saturday, March 25:  5-7 pm

Sunday, March 26:  Noon-2 pm

A Message From SEPAC

A Maynard Schools event for parents:

On Tuesday, April 4 (7 – 8:30 p.m. at the MHS Auditorium), the Maynard Schools are sponsoring a workshop on Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS), a mindful, empathetic and empowering way of teaching and parenting kids. CPS is the empirically-supported model Dr. Ross Greene describes in his influential books, The Explosive Child, Lost at School, and the recently released books, Lost and Found and Raising Human Beings. The CPS model provides a compassionate understanding of kids’ behavioral challenges and a non-adversarial, effective approach for reducing challenging behavior, improving communication, and repairing relationships. Come join us for a wonderful presentation about the CPS approach.

The Maynard High School PTO Wants You!

A special note from PTO President MaryEllen McCarthy:

There has been very low attendance at meetings for some time now and we are approaching a turning point where will have to decide to continue this group or disband it, leaving families with no group that supports communication between the school and parents, no Teacher Luncheon or Senior activities, no Scholarships and no support of guest speakers or teacher grants.  If you want any of this to continue please consider joining us.

As principal, I wish to add my own endorsement of the PTO.  Please attend and please join.  The PTO ultimately lends assistance to our students and teachers and is an important organization to keep alive and vibrant for the good of the entire MHS community.

MHS Peer Leaders Help with  Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention

The Maynard High School Peer Leaders will be volunteering for a local professor and artist Catriona Baker on her I Am Red campaign. Her artwork varies from canvas to animation to multimedia, and uses Little Red Riding Hood as a metaphor for sexual assault in America. To fully impress the gravity of the frequency and severity of sexual assault, she has been creating 720 hand bound empty books in which survivors are welcome to share their stories. The number 720 represents the number of rapes in America in one day. As each book takes 1-3 hours to make, the Peer Leaders will be assisting in making these books which will be on display along with the artist's other works for her I Am Red presentation later this year. She hopes to raise awareness about sexual assault and start conversations.

Thank you,

-Peer Leaders

Jazz Cafe

Our annual Jazz Cafe will be held Sunday, April 2nd from 6-8pm in the Maynard High School cafeteria.  Please join Ms. Gately and her extremely talented students for some cool jazz stylings and an evening of fun for all.

Donate Your Old, Unwanted Phones and Help Victims of Domestic Violence

Our Student Green Committee is hosting a phone drive starting today! We are working with an organization called HopeLine, and they collect "no longer used wireless phones, batteries, chargers and accessories that are in any condition from any service provider to benefit victims and survivors of domestic violence.” This organization is really great, and it raised roughly 7 million for victims and survivors in 2015 alone. Please think about donating to help out!

If you are interested in donating a phone, follow these steps:

  1. Erase any data from the phone and disconnect the phone’s service with your wireless provider.

  2. Remove any storage cards and SIM cards from the phone. We thoroughly refurbish donated phones.

  3. Place your wireless phone from any service provider along with the battery, charger and any accessories you wish to donate in a plastic bag.

  4. Drop it in the donation bin in our Main Office at Maynard High School!

Thank you From The Green Committee!

From the National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is organizing a clothing drive for the month of March. It's a great opportunity to donate spring clean-out clothes to a good cause, and we will have clearly labeled boxes in the high school, the library, Shaws, town hall, Miss Tricia's Dance Studio, and some of the banks in town. The boxes should be place starting this week and will remain there for the month of March. All clothes should be gently used and will be donated to various organizations which will disperse them from there.

Thank you from the students of The National Honor Society

MMA March Updates

Please click the links below or visit our website at to view the minutes from our February joint business and high school business meetings.

MMA Needs You!  MMA High School is seeking parents to fill the following positions for the 2017/18 school year:  Co-Chair, Treasure in Training, Secretary,

and Webmaster.  Please email MMA at if interested.

Jazz Jams hosted by Trish Gately and Blueprint Jazz Club will take place every Sunday starting March 5th at the Pleasant Cafe from 4-6.  All Maynard musicians are invited to participate in this impromptu musical event.  Contact Trish Gately for more information:

Jazz Cafe:  Please join Ms. Gately and her MHS jazz band students, Mr. Kozik's Fowler stage band students and Blueprint Jazz Club for an evening of music on April 2nd from 6-8 pm in the Maynard High School Cafe.  Details coming this week!

Summer Music Camp:  Register now for this summer's music camp with Trish Gately:

Summer Music Lessons:  Contact Mr. Kozik at if interested in music lessons this summer.

Next MMA Meeting:  Wednesday April 5th, joint business 7:30, high school business 8:00 in the Fowler library.

Bonnie Wilson, Chair HS

Annemarie Paczkowski, Chair Fowler

Stephanie Gavin, Treasurer Fowler & HS

Annemarie Caloggero, Secretary HS

Like us on Facebook:  Maynard Music Association

The Jan Brett Competition

Our friends at the Green Meadow School are in a national competition that could lead to renowned children’s author and Massachusetts native Jan Brett visiting the children at the Green Meadow.

The school in the entire country that sends in the most votes will have Jan visit their school.  Any school in the top 10 will receive extremely generous book donations for their school libraries.  Any school in the top 100 will receive a signed poster from Jan.

Our Green Meadow children read and enjoy Jan Brett’s books, such as The Mitten, and are on pins and needles to see how their school does in the competition and right now the Green Meadow is in an astounding 14th place among schools from across the country!

In order to vote and help out our friends at the Green Meadow you’ll need the information below:

Copy and paste the link below, or Google search "Jan Brett school visit 2017".

In addition to filling out your personal information (name and email address), you need to fill in the following:

Green Meadow

5 Tiger Drive




It is my understanding that you will not be added to email lists or have your information shared.

Light It UP Blue!

On April 2nd families and friends of people who are impacted by Autism will join together at Battle Road Brewery to celebrate World Autism Day.

The family friendly festivities will begin at 5pm with music by Jae Mannion and friends. The community is invited to the kick-off Autism Awareness Month by watching the clock turn blue on Sunday April 2nd at Battle Road Brewery. Anyone can Light It Up Blue by purchasing a blue light for their home at any hardware store! NEW THIS YEAR Donations will be collected at the door to raise money for the Katherine K. Lalli Foundation. Katherine Lalli passed away on Christmas Eve morning in an automobile accident. Not only was she educated through the Maynard school system but her family has always been very much involved in the Maynard community, especially her parents, who provide programs through Music Together of Assabet Valley, enjoyed by children in the Maynard, Acton, Concord, Sudbury communities and beyond. To honor the memory of Katherine Lalli, the Class of 2012 and the MHS Best Buddies Program have created a scholarship fund for graduating seniors. The scholarship will benefit students who are pursuing a degree in early childhood education or special education, both passions of Katherine's. Katherine had a special gift for connecting with people, young and old, especially those with special needs. She worked with her father in Sudbury, MA, on a program that she developed for autistic children that included music. Battle Road Brewery will also be donating 10% of food proceeds to the Katherine K. Lalli Scholarship. “Anything that has to do with music, the Clock Tower and benefits the Maynard community is the right partner for Battle Road. We are thrilled to be the featured location for Light It Up Blue and to help raise awareness for autism and lend support for the scholarship that will be awarded to a Maynard HS student,” said Greg Hill of Whole House Group LLC, owner of Battle Road Brew House. Shortly after dusk we will watch the town clock turn blue to raise awareness of Autism in the community. Adding itself to the list of international landmarks including The Sydney Opera House, The Empire State Building, and many more, Clock Tower’s blue lights are a symbol in Maynard that the town supports our community members who are impacted by Autism. Autism is a complex neurobiological disorder that inhibits a person's ability to communicate and develop social relationships, and is often accompanied by behavioral challenges. Light It Up Blue is an international campaign created by the organization Autism Speaks. Autism spectrum disorders are diagnosed in one in 68 childrenn the United States, affecting four times as many boys as girls. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have called autism a national public health crisis whose cause and cure remain unknown. The mission of Autism Speaks is to change the future for all who struggle with autism spectrum disorders. The organization is dedicated to funding global biomedical research into the causes, prevention, treatments, and cure for autism; to raising public awareness about autism and its effects on individuals, families, and society; and to bringing hope to all who deal with the hardships of this disorder.

For more information, please visit the following website Or contact Danielle Mannion at

That’s the news for the week and Light It Up Blue.

Enjoy the coming weekend and take care,

Chuck Caragianes

Principal of Maynard High School