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Summer Celebration and News

posted Aug 24, 2012, 12:16 PM by Chuck Caragianes   [ updated Aug 24, 2012, 2:01 PM ]

The days of August are rapidly dwindling as we excitedly prepare for the arrival of our students for the first day of school on Wednesday August 29th.

This summer has been an incredibly active one here at Maynard High School.  New hiring has gone extremely well with the addition of our new Assistant Principal Purnima Vadhera, new nurse Maureen Jones, new history teacher Jeff Paterno and new special education teacher Carolyn Athens.  Welcome once again, one and all!

Our custodial staff has done a wonderful job getting the building ready for its final year (thank you to Bob Sczerzen, Walter Ignachuck & John Barbagallo), and our guidance counselors and technology people have worked very hard to make sure student schedules are taken care of in the best way possible (thank you to JoEllen Baird, Renee Muise, Lisa MacLean & Elizabeth Schuster).  Behind the scenes Marie Steinbach has tirelessly worked to make sure that we are ready to open next week.  Thank you Marie, very much.

This past week I am also pleased to report that I have had the pleasure of meeting with Mike Stevens and Melissa McPhail the co-presidents of the Maynard Educators Association (MEA) our teachers union.  The meeting was extremely positive and I look forward to working with both Melissa and Mike this year.  All of us share the simple desire to see Maynard High School be the best it can possibly be for our students, their families and staff.  Thank you for meeting with me, Mike & Melissa.

Our new building continues to go up at a remarkable rate with construction continuing to be on time and on budget.  By the end of September the project will pass the halfway point toward total project completion with all steel, major concrete pouring and main utility work of every type in place.

Over the course of the summer the high school has seen active use by the CollegeGate Program, our own Ms. Tardivo working with some MHS students, and recently many of our students have been engaged in activities in music and athletics.  Our musicians and athletes have been working hard as they build toward the coming year.

Celebrating successes is an important part of community building and for expanding student participation in a wide array of endeavors.  As a variety of students reach milestones and achievements, either as individuals or as members of groups or clubs or teams, their successes will be acknowledged throughout the coming year.

To this end and for the first time, in fact later today from 5:30 to 7:30 pm, all students who have been involved in recent student activities in music and athletics will be celebrating the close of their summer participation with a cookout at Alumni Field.  This will be the first of many and varied celebrations of success throughout this year going well beyond the music and athletic programs.

To give a sense of perspective, in the past at the end of the summer each musical and sports group has gone its own separate way team by team and musical group by musical group to have a private celebration.  This year marks the first time all will celebrate together along with their coaches and parents as we build a community of greater peer to peer support and understanding across participants in these late summer activities.

I want to thank the Boosters and the Maynard Music Association for their support underwriting and staffing this event at no cost to the school.  I also want to thank the students at WAVM for their technical support with the event.   And finally, thank you to our music teacher Cindy Erickson and our Athletic Director Kevin Caruso for all their hard work bringing this event off.

Of Interest to last year’s graduates:

I do want to relay recent concerns that have arisen regarding the late arrival of yearbooks for last year’s senior class.  Mr. Orzech is aware of the situation and is working with our yearbook representative to have this resolved as soon as possible.  As soon as the year books arrive last year’s graduates will be informed.  We regret this delay deeply.

Of Interest to this year’s students:

See you next Wednesday!