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The First Half of the Year Will Soon Be In The Books!

posted Jan 22, 2016, 11:56 AM by Chuck Caragianes

Good afternoon—

Students in grades 9-12 began their exam period today and will complete their exams by next Wednesday.

The 2nd quarter will be ending next Wednesday January 27th for all students in grades 8-12.

As a reminder, next Wednesday January 27th is also an early release day for all students.

With only 3 school days to go in this marking period it is critical that students be in on time every day and maintain focused and effective effort in their academic work.  If you have your student to school by 7:30am each morning he or she will be able to grab a quick bite for breakfast, greet his or her friends and still be to class on time at 7:45am.

Reminders: Parking, Student Drop-Off and Student Pick-Up.

As a reminder our student parking lot is the lot closest to Tiger Drive on the auditorium side of the building, our visitor parking is directly in front of the main entrance and our Faculty & Staff Parking Lot is by the Gymnasium.  When these lots are used as designated there is ample room in each area even under snow conditions and traffic flow in the morning and afternoon is excellent.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up by both drivers and school busses occurs in the circular drive directly in front of the main entrance.

Vans and approved cars for students with physical needs use the handicapped designated spots in front of the gymnasium entrance and these spots should never be used or blocked, even briefly, by other vehicles.

It has been our experience that when the parking lots and drives are all used appropriately and as designed we have very few traffic issues even with more than 500 people arriving at MHS within a roughly 30 minute span.  Please park and use the drives as designed.

Some Nuts & Bolts Information about the close of the first semester:

Semester 1 Exam and Instructional Schedule (All Grades)

As mentioned above, 1st Semester Exams begin on Friday January 22nd.  This year we have reduced the early release days associated with First Semester exams from 3 days to 1.  The full schedule is listed below for the 3 remaining days.

Monday, January 25th:  

A Block Exam- 7:45-9:15am.  

B Block Exam- 9:25-10:55am. 

D Block(Lunch)-10:57-12:17

E Block - 12:19- 1:06

F Block- 1:08- 2:05

Full Day of School for Students.

Tuesday, January 26th

C Block Exam- 7:45-9:15am

D Block Exam- 9:25-10:55am

E Block(Lunch)-10:57am-12:17pm

F Block - 12:19pm- 1:06pm

Directed Study in advisories- 1:08pm- 2:05pm

Full Day of School for Students.

Wednesday, January 27th

E Block Exam 7:45-9:15am. 

F Block Exam 9:25-10:55am. 

Early Dismissal for Students at 10:55am.

(Note on Make-up Exams: Make-up exams can be arranged from 12:35- 2:05pm on this day.)

Thank you for reading and take care—

Chuck Caragianes

Principal of Maynard High School