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The Second Quarter is Closing

posted Jan 19, 2018, 8:03 AM by Chuck Caragianes

Good afternoon,

Well, winter did indeed strike again this week with a snow related school cancellation this past Wednesday.

As a result the first semester exam period will be extended through this coming Monday January 22nd.  January 22nd also will be the final day of the 2nd marking quarter and first semester.  Just about half of the 2017-2018 school year is now complete.

The third marking quarter, and second semester, will begin on Tuesday January 23rd.

Student course selections for the 2018-2019 school year will begin at the start of February.

The school year is moving along quickly!

This week our school Mock Trial team swung into action against Westford Academy and has two more trials coming up.  Mock Trial is a dynamic, state-wide competition where students act as attorneys and witnesses on realistic cases prepared by the Massachusetts Bar Association.  Schools then compete as prosecutors or defendendents in actual courtrooms frequently presided over by actual Massachusetts State judges.  The Massachusetts State Champion then goes on to compete at the national level.

If your student is interested in any field related to criminal justice they will want to speak to Mrs. LaBelle about becoming a member of the Mock Trial Team in the future.

And now, thanks to Mr. Ogden’s Classes, the Latest Installment of the Maynard High News!

(A repeat episode)

From Mr. Ogden:

The tenth episode of the year is the best episode thus far!

We are truly proud of our broadcast journalism class, as this is the first episode of the school year where every student in the class contributed in some way.  

There's so much to see and enjoy in this episode--from sports, to news, to entertainment, and a tribute to the girls soccer team--we know there will be something to inform and entertain both yourself and those around you.  

Share this with anybody you can; those views mean a lot to the students.

The tenth episode of season 3:

Enjoy 📽📷🎥🎬 MHN 🎬🎥📷📽

Below are some additional items of note and upcoming events:

News From Our Maynard SEPAC

What Do You Need to Know about Special Education?  The Maynard SEPAC invites you to our next meeting on Tuesday, February 6 at 7 p.m. in the Fowler Library.  Do you have questions about what services might be available for your child? Questions about how the evaluation process or the IEP process works? With the school year well underway, this is sometimes the moment when parents are discovering issues and realizing questions. Come bring those questions for a conversation with SEPAC parents who can help explain the process. To RSVP or for questions, please contact Karen Heath or at (978-394-6183).

The Maynard Public Schools Want you!

The Maynard Public Schools district is launching a Communication Task Force.  The group will meet at Fowler School from 6:00-7:00 on the Second Thursday of each month.  Our first meeting will be February 8. If you are interested in participating:   Please register here.   

Our Health Services Want You To Know

Flu season is upon us and this year’s outbreak has been particularly virulent nationwide.  Below you will find links to "The Flu: A Guide for Parents" thanks to our school nurse Mary Ferranti.  The links are in English, Spanish and Portuguese and are also available on the Health Services page for the Maynard Public Schools.

That’s the news for this week.

Have a fantastic weekend and take care,

Chuck Caragianes, M.Ed.

Principal of Maynard High School