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We're Off and Running! Look at us go!

posted Sep 3, 2012, 9:21 AM by Chuck Caragianes   [ updated Sep 3, 2012, 9:24 AM ]

The first week of school came to a successful conclusion last Thursday August 30th.  Our students collected their new schedules and met their new teachers and began the year’s work very effectively.  Our guidance counselors reported very manageable demand and numbers and were able to rectify any final scheduling issues very rapidly.

Congratulations to our students, their parents and guardians, and our staff for a remarkably smooth opening.

We are aware of a very small number of classes, 3 out of the more than 135 we offer, that have significant student enrollments.  Those classes are being examined at this time and any changes will be reported upon.

Our sports teams are gearing up for their first games, our music program is up and practicing, and extracurricular clubs will be forming in the next couple of weeks.  Any student interested in joining any of these activities still has ample opportunity to do so and I would urge them to give any endeavor they are interested in a try.

On Friday August 24th more than 150 students and adults participated in a first ever joint celebration held for all students who participated in late summer events hosted at MHS such as music or sports.  Thank you again to the Boosters and the Maynard Music Association for their generous support.

Coupled with our Freshmen welcome a week earlier, well over half of MHS students and well over half of MHS staff members attended positive summer events in late August.

On September 4th, when our students return, we will be having our first whole school assembly to be followed by class meeting.  Parents and guardians should be expecting a number of forms to sign including an updated emergency form which is very important, as well as forms particular to each class.  Please read and return these documents right away.

I would like to send out a special thank you to the folks at Thyme in the Garden, a local gardening and landscape company that maintains the area around our sign board at the top of Tiger Drive near Alumni Field.  They voluntarily maintain this lovely plot at no cost to the schools.  It is a generous and much appreciated gift.

I must close this message today on a sad note.  One of our students has suffered the unexpected loss of a parent over the weekend.  We will have counseling staff available on Tuesday to meet with any students particularly affected by this loss.  My thoughts, and the thoughts of the entire school staff and community go out to the family.

Take care.